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Member Benefits
Member Benefits

Profit Now and Join Now!
Small Business Growth Club


We're building a Small Business community like no other. Soon over one million members worldwide will be part of the SBGC!


The benefits to joining include: Ongoing, practical, easy to implement and step-by-step training to build your business, grow your profits, manage your success, and improve the quality of your life while spending little time, money or effort.


The Small Business Growth Club is also a place to exchange ideas with other small business owners. As you interact with company owners and managers around the world you will help each other


Achieve Greater Success In Business and In Life


Unlike most books, programs, and seminars, the SBGC curriculum shows you how to implement what you learn.


You get great ideas and application strategies that work.


Most books, training programs, and other material designed to help small businesses grow don't provide practical and specific guidelines on what to do and how to do it.


The strategies taught here were selected from thousands of profit-producing ideas for growing a small business. Only a carefully selected group of strategies are provided in the training.


Because here you get only the most useable "how to" profit training available that:


  1. Requires you to invest just 90 minutes a month to learn and apply the strategies taught. Within a year you'll see profit increases of up to 60%.
  2. What you will learn takes little time, money, and effort to implement. Unlike major corporations, most small businesses don't have unlimited funds. The training is geared toward low-cost quick and easy strategies.
  3. Membership is geared toward giving you an immediate payback. If within 30 days you have not paid for the membership 10 times over, simply cancel and we'll part friends. But I know that won't happen.


Since membership in our profit building success club costs less than a good cup or coffee a day, most members pay for annual club membership 100 times over after their first month of membership. 


How Do I Know My Business Can Increase Profits From Club Membership?


If you're still wondering if becoming a member of our club will really help you grow your profits, here's some important information about the training material provided to club members. This material has been:

  • Developed by, Scott Hallman, a real world success entrepreneur. He founded two privately held companies that were ranked by Inc. Magazine in the top 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Through extensive research and hands-on application (with businesses from over 150 different industries worldwide) he developed the ultimate success training for small businesses (up to $25M). Over the years, he enhanced this training material based on "real world" experience in working with private clients that pay $1,250 an hour for his business growth advice.
  • Creating ongoing profit streams for companies throughout the world. Read about several of our small business success stories by reading our Member Success Page.
  • Recommended by many of the highest paid and nationally recognized consultants and entrepreneurs throughout the world. To read what they've said about this material, visit our Experts Rave Page.

Here's a description of ...


All The Benefits You Get By Joining the Small Business Growth Club:

Business Accelerator Training. This is hands on "How To" development of proven, profit-building strategies and tactics to grow your small business. The strategies cost little time, money, or effort. Invest 90 minutes a month following mine and other leading experts' advice and watch your profits soar! The goal is for you to fully implement a new business success system every month!

Easy to absorb and implement training material. Audio tutorials are supported by other training materials. These include hands-on exercises you complete to fully understand and apply the concepts presented. In addition, you receive written transcripts and other support to make learning and applying what I teach faster and easier.

Additional help from me as you apply the monthly training. For example, as your Virtual Success Coach, I will send periodic emails with additional tips and ideas to help you get the most from each month's material. You get all of his ongoing expertise and advice just like clients who pay me $1,250 an hour for business building help. You get it all for just the cost of a good cup of coffee a day! Nothing could be better than that.

Comprehensive in-depth training. Club members get access to over 50 intense hours of audio based business building training, 400 pages of transcripts, and 120 pages of Interactive Workshop exercises to help you customize the success strategies to your business.

Online Seminars and Teleconference Training. These special training sessions bring to you the leading business growth experts. Their advice will help you&

  • Develop world class online and off-line marketing systems.
  • Better manage your business for sustained profits.
  • Hire the right people for the job from the start.
  • Optimize your health, energy and vitality.
  • Drive in a flood of new clients whenever you want.
  • Handle your finances like and expert and more.

In addition, you get an online support ticket system where you can submit questions to directly to me. You can also ask for help from my membership site support team. The system tracks the status of all of your requests.

Join Small Bisiness Growth Club NOW!